Maximum Fun Ltd

Adrenalin Games at Crealy Adventure Park

We were commissioned under the Business Link Implement Best Practice Scheme to provide a consultant appraisal of the marketing and business practices at Adrenalin Games and how it fits with Devon’s Crealy Adventure Parks.

Working initially with the Marketing Manager of Crealy Adventure Park a summary of activities carried out by Malcolm and his team is itemised below:

  • Sent in an independent mystery visit team to establish systems, procedures and standards of service in Adrenalin Games
  • Interviewed the manager of Adrenalin Games to establish what were the marketing and business objectives for the business
  • Established firsthand knowledge with site inspections
  • Conducted a communications tools audit on all appropriates literature, website, media, design etc
  • Market research on competitors was conducted to establish the competitive environment at the site
  • Conducted interviews with the Managing Director, Marketing Manager and Sales Team on a raft of marketing and selling activities to establish what had gone before and how the future is viewed by management
  • Audit on all customer facing activity to reflect on strengths and weaknesses in the Park that would attract recommendations
  • Reviewed previously commissioned reports on specific aspects of the business to incorporate this thinking within the reports to be completed
  • Creation of Marketing Audit Report
  • Malcolm facilitated a Directors, Managers, Marketing and Sales Team meeting to evaluate the recommendations and establish a plan of activity for future implementation.

As a consequence of the above work the following outcomes were achieved:

  • Marketing audit report delivered reflecting on the nature and location of the attraction
  • Plan of activity for future implementation for the sales and marketing team
  • Eight days of training for “customer facing” staff to be conducted by Malcolm in 2007 to improve their relationship and skill when dealing with customers.