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Thinking of Buying a Hotel?

By 30 January 2015No Comments

If you were lucky enough to have been left one hundred thousand pounds by great aunt Ada you might want to invest it in shares, bonds and ISAs.  You could pick up investment opportunities from the papers or from the internet or you could buy investments from a phone salesman.  You might double your money or you might lose the lot.

More likely you would look for a financial adviser who had considerable experience of money and investments.  You might still lose some money but the chances are very greatly reduced by using financial expertise and you have a better chance of making profits.  You would be advised to make investments which would suit your own needs and the levels of risks you would be prepared to make.

In the same way if you wanted to buy a business you would want the best possible independent advice so that you have a better chance of trading success and adding value.  You might want to improve your business, its operations, marketing and staff performance.

Many people buy hotels without taking any advice at all apart from those with a vested interest.  They think that running hotels is like running a large house and anyone can do that can’t they?  Many people operate underperforming hotels and many lose their hotels as a result.  Hotels are complicated businesses, need specialised operation and marketing and are tough to run.

We at Castleman have many years’ experience of running hotels and can help you at every stage.  We can advise on buying or building the right sort of hotel for you, on organising systems and staff as well as maximising turnover and profits. We work with independent hotels and hoteliers.

We will visit you to discuss your project and write out in plain English exactly how we can help you.  This proposal will contain costs and project times.  The proposals will be realistic and practical.

The first visit is free to you.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you every step of the way