Zero Procure

Making procurement effortless, efficient and above all saves you money.

We differ from more traditional procurement companies as you, our customers, pay Zero.

Zero Cost, Zero Risk, Zero Contract.

Adding great value through our expertise and our vast network of suppliers, Zero Procure also provides a high yielding and low-cost sales tool for suppliers.

Through our extensive network of trusted supplier connections, we use our expertise to galvanise buying power, negotiating to get the best quality and value which helps save you time as well as money. You pay us zero for the procurement service we provide and you will continue to pay suppliers directly, just at an improved rate.

In addition to benefiting companies that are already trading, Zero Procure also offers a one stop connection to all the supply chains required for new business launches and re-branding initiatives, ensuring that every last detail is taken care of. From marketing to equipment, from produce to staffing and everything in between, Zero Procure’s expertise offers added guidance to support with a successful launch and beyond, adding more value at zero cost.

For our national network of suppliers, our model provides an invaluable sales resource as we grant access to boundless new business opportunities. We can be especially beneficial to new companies offering new products or services as we can introduce them to our extensive network of customers.

In order for Zero Procure to do this we will be working closely with trusted suppliers who will pay Zero Procure a small commission for business that we find for them.

Put simply, we are a zero cost procurement resource for businesses and a low cost sales resource for suppliers.